Inland Northwest Trials Association

The championship shall be on a yearly basis. The total number of INTA Rounds to be held shall be no less than 7 and no more than 12.

At each INTA championship trial, championship points shall be awarded to each INTA member rider relative only to other INTA member riders. Non-member riders are disregarded.

Points are awarded as follows:
 Position Points
1st 30 
2nd 25 
3rd 21 
4th 18 
5th 16 
6th 15 
7th 14 
8th 13 
9th 12 
10th 11 

Each rider’s championship score for the year shall be based on the points earned in all events, less one . Each rider’s best scores in this number of events shall be used in computing the total championship score for the year.

Tie scores for championship placing shall be broken using the following steps one at a time:
Step 1 – Greatest number of total wins will win.
Step 2 – Championship points earned in events where the riders competed against each other will be added and the largest number will win.
Step 3 – If still tied, the total number of cleans, ones, twos. etc. from events where riders competed against each other will win.
Step 4 – If the tied riders never competed against each other, the rider who lost the least number of points for the year gets the better position in the overall standings.