Inland Northwest Trials Association

About INTA

The Inland Northwest Trials Association (INTA) was formed more than 25 years ago to give motorcycle riders a chance to participate in amateur observed trials competition.
INTA was formed in 1986 after two other trials clubs, CANAM and Walla Walla, folded several years earlier. A lot of work is involved in setting up trials, and members of those two clubs experienced burnout, according to Layne Davis, one of INTA’s pre-formation riders.Davis had been competing in trials for three years in New Mexico when he moved to Spokane area in 1981. Disappointed there were no longer any trials clubs, he met Jim Redman in 1982. Redman, a trials rider, had just moved back to the Spokane area.They put on a trials event in northeastern Washington which attracted many riders but few people willing to help with setting up courses, then taking them down when the meet was over. By 1985, Davis and Redman had found trials riders willing to help out with the logistics, and several competitions were staged. INTA was formed the following year. The club now has about 50 members.
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2017 Club Officers


President: Aaron Blevins


Vice President: Al Damm


Secretary: Randy Bishop


Treasurer: Hue Damm


Webmaster:   Joe Smith


Informational Documents


INTA Official Charter and Rule Book[PDF]

Certificate of Incorportation , INTA 



Trials Marshal Check List [PDF]


Observers Guide [PDF]


Trophy Payout Per Class  [PDF]


Trials Course Layout [PDF]